Tuesday, November 20, 2012

                                                          STUDENTS FROM TURKEY

Hello!My name is Sudenaz Akbaş.I'm from Turkey.I'm nine years old.I love reading book.
Hello!My name is Begüm Akbaş.I'm nine years old.Ihave got one sister.My favourite foods is hamburger.I love travelling.
Hi!My name is Beyzanur Demirbüken.I'm nine years old.I love to sing.
Hello!My name is Şeyma Zeybek.I'm nine years old.I love swiming.
Hello!My name is Nesim Yıldız.I'm eleven years old.I have got one brother.His name is Mert.I love playing football and basketboll
Hi!My name is Seray Aksu.I'm nine years old.My favourite food is pizza.I love dancing.
Hi!My name is Sedanur Mersin.I'm eleven years old.I can play guitar.My favourite food is pasta.Ilove playing basketboll.
Hi!My name is Taha Bolat.I'm ten years old.I love reading boook.My favourite food is hamburger

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