Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School from Slovakia - Vráble

School year starts on 3rd September 2012. At our country we have 2 terms, so the first term finishes on 31st January and we get the certificates with valuation of our work. This is our school. We have about 300 pupils and 25 teachers here.

Our school is going to start on 17, September

Hello to everybody!
We are very happy to built a project with you...
Our school is going to start on 17,September...
See you soon dear friends:)

The catalan people say...

Hello to everyone!
We are students from Les Borges Blanques. It is a little village where you can find typical products about our country. Fortunately, we are still in holidays. We are going to start the school on 12th of September.
So, see you soon when we are going to start!!

Turkey- About our school and classroom activities

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome to our website

This is a place where we can put all information about our project. You can post stories, videos, and photos here.