Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Polish Comenius Team

You are invited to meet our Comenius Team- The Polish Roam the history and culture of Europe club!!!!

My name is Patrycja.I’m 11 years old. I love pets! I've got a dog,,a hamster and a rabbit. My favourite food is a hamburger and salad. My brother's name is Kamil. He's 7 years old.I’m Asia. I’m from Poland.I’m12 years old. I learn in the 6th grade. I like swimming, reading  books and drawing. Hi! I’m Dominika.  I come from Poland. I’m 12 years  old. I go to the 6th grade. I go to Zygmunt Gloger Primary School no 12 name in Bialystok. My favorite food is chocolate. In my spare time I like to read books and sometimes draw pictures I’m  Michał. I’m 9 years old . My hooby is sport and playing computer games. I like lizards. My favorite color is black, white, grey. I like funny books. My town is Białystok. My favorite food are sweets  and crisps. MY  name  is Ola, and  I ‘m 12  years old . I go to primary school number 12 named  Zygmunt  Gloger  in Bialystok, in Poland. I like to swim the crawl(  swimming style) , I like to dance and read crime novels of Agatha  Christie . I have a  hamster that has the name Pysiek :)I ’m Paulina and I ’m 12 years old . J ‘ m from Poland.I love dancing and I love my pet rabbit. It's called LOLA. My name is Martyna. I’m 12 years old. I like reading books JHi! My name's Agata. I'm 11 years old. My eyes are grey.  I live in Bialystok in Poland. My favorite animals are dogs. My pet's name is  Mafi. He's very funny. I hate homework and I don't like pink. My favorite food is chocolate and ice cream.:)Hello. My name’s Alicja. I’m 11 years old. I have a dog. His name's Mafi.  My favorite sport is athletics and gymnastics and my favorite food are sweets. I hate  homework but I love sport

The Club's meeting in the IT classroom....we were writing about ourselves for you to know us better :)

Now we are working on 'the special surprise' for you, which we will present while your visit in Białystok, in our school.....very, very soon :)


  1. very nice pictures...we are very excited and waiting your surprise :))

  2. Great photos. We are looking forward to meet you. Slovak friends.